Syntax highlighting

Since the WME script is very similar to JavaScript, you can usually use the JavaScript syntax highlighting. Almost any programmer’s editor supports it. For some basic highlighting even the C or C++ highlighting will do.

In UltraEdit, you can change the WME script file highlighting the following way:

1)   Go to the “Advanced” menu and select the “Configuration…” item.

2)   Activate the “Syntax Highlighting” tab and press the “Open” button. UltraEdit will open the “wordfile.txt” file. Close the configuration dialog.
3)   In the wordfile.txt file find the “JavaScript” section and change the “File Extensions” parameter. It should look like this:
    File Extensions = JS SCRIPT INC
4)   Save and close the “wordfile.txt” file.

The UltraEdit should now recognize the “.script” and “.inc” files as JavaScript scripts and color them correctly.